Inclusive leadership training helps leaders understand their implicit assumptions and preferences, improves their motivation and ability to empower diverse talent. It also seeks to enhance the knowledge of leaders in building diverse teams to reward the organization with better decisions – leading to effective organizational performance. Inclusive training for teachers and leaders empowers and equips them to develop inclusive cultures where everyone feels valued and respected. It becomes their responsibility to provide a safe, stress-free, and comfortable workplace free of all kinds of racial discrimination.

Our Inclusion Training & Consulting Services

At So You Want To Be An Anti-Racists, we pride ourselves on providing the best and practical training to the businesses, public and private organizations, leaders, corporate clients, and educators and help them with the solutions on how to boost the performance of an organization to attract more and more people and promote their business. Our long-term training services also offer public talks and consulting sessions to assist clients concerned about diversity, racial injustice, and biasness issues.

problems of race relations and racial justice

Equity Leadership Training

Equity training is conducted to identify problems of race relations and racial justice – addressing structural racism and advancing racial equity. It is different from diversity training as it emphasizes challenging and changing institutional racial inequities. This training will help you learn:

Our Services

At So You Want To Be An Anti-Racists, we provide a wide range of equity services to educators, trainers, leaders, speakers, consultants, etc., to help them build on and strengthen racial equity practices. We offer:

  • Equity Training In Schools
  • Equity Training For Teachers
  • Racial Equity Training
  • Racial Equity Institute Training
  • Racial Equity Training For Teachers

With an experience of 2 decades in the industry, we pride ourselves on being the best racial equity consultant helping our clients to learn to talk about race and focus on tools and practices for countering racial bias at their workplaces and other establishments. We also offer our services as racial equity speakers to address a seminar with a crowd of leaders, educators, and students – helping them learn how to show support and empathy for the marginalized or underrepresented community.

Equity-Based Leadership

  • Focus on developing a unified vision of equity among staff, management, and executive leaders
  • Create a sense of what equity-based leadership looks like in work-based relationships across departments
  • Identifies how to develop a deeper understanding and awareness about how equity should be practiced between individuals, small groups, and divisional teams.

Inclusive Based Leadership

This is a high-energy, high-content program designed for 21st-century executives, managers, and all multi-skilled employees who strive to promote inclusion and equity in a diverse work environment. You’ll never approach inclusive-based leadership the same way after experiencing this life-changing presentation.
After this program, participants will be able to:

  • Gain a greater awareness of their own sources of bias and levels of inclusiveness
  • Learn how to build on strengths and address key areas for development
  • Become an inclusion champion and help improve inclusivity within their organization
  • Broaden inclusive actions to address a wide range of styles, characteristics, and group

Collaboration Based Leadership

  • Develop a platform that enables each employee to gain a significant appreciation for intercultural bonding and how it should be practiced
  • Assign tasks and strategies that will be carried out as a team to grow intercultural leadership whereby collaborative engagement becomes a daily ritual.
  • Demonstrate how intercultural leadership and association are modeled at all levels of the company.

Antiracist Based Leadership

  • Provide awareness and understanding about how implicit bias is embedded in everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, ideology, or place of birth.
  • Develop an awareness of how to be attuned to implicit biases that create havoc in workplace settings
  • Provide strategies on how to confront, combat, and eliminate systemic racism in offices, departments, and divisions within the company.