CEO and Founder

Dr. Jonathan King is a DEI (Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion) Consultant who works closely with Colleges and Universities to facilitate their journey toward becoming more inclusive at every level of the organization. His mission is to create workplaces that champion the idea of creating unity in diversity, where all employees are respected and valued regardless of their color, ethnic heritage, nationality, religion, gender, or sexual orientation.

Jonathan’s Personal Journey

Jonathan’s story is a vivid example of how the fight for inclusivity is not just a political or social movement but a deeply personal journey. He grew up watching his parents’ courage and determination in fighting for their children’s rights, which sowed the first seeds of inclusive leadership within him.

However, Jonathan’s path toward becoming an inclusive leader was not easy. He faced the harsh realities of racism and discrimination from a young age, being the only black student in an all-white school. Despite the hostility, Jonathan remained focused and persevered, working hard to catch up academically and eventually gaining acceptance from his peers.

The Value of Humility and Vulnerability

This experience taught Jonathan the value of humility and vulnerability in becoming an inclusive leader. He recognized that inclusivity is not just about accepting others but also about being open to change and growth. It requires acknowledging one’s own biases and actively working towards eliminating them.

Inspiration from the Civil Rights Movement

Jonathan’s journey toward becoming an inclusive leader was further strengthened by his parent’s involvement in the civil rights movement. Their sacrifices and struggles motivated Jonathan to work towards creating a more just and equal world. He recognized that the fight for inclusivity was not just about education but about all aspects of life, including work and community.

Professional Expertise


Since 1990, Jonathan has worked as a DEI/Intercultural Consultant, guiding business and educational leaders – within the United States and abroad on how to create diverse working environments that increase racial inclusion and equity. Prominent educational organizations and companies like Sony Japan, Warner Japan/ MMG, Colorado Mountain College, Southwestern College, and Lake Tahoe Community College have partnered with him and invested in his ‘Inclusivity Trainings’.

Inclusive Leadership and “So You Want to be an Inclusive Leader”

Through his personal story and professional expertise, Jonathan inspires others to take action and become inclusive leaders in their own right. His upcoming book, “So You Want to be an Inclusive Leader,” provides practical tools and insights for leaders to combat implicit bias and systemic racism in the workplace, promoting inclusivity and equity for all employees.

Jonathan’s passion for inclusivity and his personal commitment to growth and change make him an engaging and inspiring speaker for any event. He shares his personal journey and expertise to help others become inclusive leaders, creating diverse and equitable workplaces where all employees feel respected and valued.

Book Jonathan for your next event and take the first step towards building a better, more inclusive future.

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